pyramid (plural pyramids)

  1. An ancient massive construction with a square or rectangular base and four triangular sides meeting in an apex, such as those built as tombs in Egypt or as bases for temples in Mesoamerica.
  2. A construction in the shape of a pyramid, usually with a square or rectangular base.
  3. (geometry) A solid with triangular lateral faces and a polygonal (often square or rectangular) base.
  4. A pyramid scheme.
  • For examples of the use of this word see: citations.

7 letters in word "pyramid": A D I M P R Y.

No anagrams for pyramid found in this word list.

Words found within pyramid:

ad adry ai aid aim air airy am ami amid amir amp ar ard arid arm army ary ay da dairy dam damp dampy dap dari day di diary dim dip dram drap dray drip dry id imp ma mad maid mair map mar mard mardy marid mary may mi mid mir miry my myriad pa pad padi padri paid pair pam par pard pardi pardy pay pi pia pima pir prad pram pray prim prima primy pry pya rad rai raid ram rami ramp rap rapid ray ria rid rim rima rimy rip rya ya yaird yam yap yar yard yid yip yird

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